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for an europe-wide

Animal Rescue
in Disasters


TEL +49 160 5187715
Operations Control-Center

The Task Force

The “Deutscher Tierschutzbund e.V.” and the “Bundesverband Gemeinschaft Deutscher Tierrettungsdienste e.V.” draw conclusions from the experiences of the flood disaster in 2021 and the Ukraine war and have set up a task force to rescue animals in distress.

Animal Rescues done



every successfull operation
goes a scouting party ahead


to care for the animals
and the staff

Tech. large animal rescue

special equipment and
training for large animals

Epidemic Protection

Protection against epidemics through professional cadaver salvage


special thermal image drones
for animal seek and scouting

Evacuation & Accomodation

Rescue out of disasters
e.g. fires and flood

Expert advice

get advise from animal
rescue professionals


Professional transport
of various animal species


Urban Search and Rescue

  • command vehicle
  • special vehicle
  • sectioning
  • Camp
  • veterinary care
  • material storage
  • water pumps
  • staff training
  • scouting disasters
  • locate and find locked in human and animals
  • rescue / transport of human and animals
  • cadaver salvage
  • mountain, heights-, flood-, Canyoningrescue

  • natural events and anthropogenic environmental influences
  • extreme weather conditions
  • eathquakes
  • wildfires
  • flood, storm surges
  • animal epedemics
  • severe disturbances and damage in facilities of supply and nourishment
  • fall of cosmic objects
  • danger from explosive ordnance

All services are carried out according
to german DV 100 / DIN 13050:2015-04

Our commitment

Animals, like humans, have a right to rescue in disaster situations. Close cooperation with official and other charitable aid organizations is very important to us.

We not only pay attention to good cooperation in the event of damage, but also actively conduct synergy discussions in order to be able to help people and animals quickly and effectively.

Who can report disasters?

Since this is an ideal task force, anyone can start a request in major disaster situations.

Of course, we welcome reports from authorities and professional organizations with technical details about the situation.

But also animal protection associations and private individuals can also contact us directly about damage situations.


Join as animal rescue service?

We are always looking for new professional animal rescue services for the animal rescue task force and motivated people to support the existing rescue services. Particular importance is attached to uniform training according to the standard of the Federal Association of German Animal Rescue Services (GDT) under veterinary supervision. Because professional animal rescue is only possible if all units speak the same language.

The GDT regularly provides all the necessary seminars to set up a professional animal rescue service. Just write to us. We would be happy to send you further information.

Association Partner

Deutscher Tierschutzbund

The German Animal Welfare Association (Deutscher Tierschutzbund e.V.). was founded in 1881 as the umbrella organization for animal welfare organizations and animal shelters in Germany, with its headquarters in Bonn. He follows the idea of ​​animal protection and campaigns against the abuse of animals.

Almost 800 member associations with 550 animal shelters are now members of the association.

Bundesverband Gemeinschaft Deutscher Tierrettungsdienste

Several qualified animal rescue services have come together in the Federal Association GDT (Bundesverband Gemeinschaft Deutscher Tierrettungsdienste e.V.) to combine the knowledge, skills, material and specializations of the respective animal rescue services.

Together we stand up for each other and are prepared for any emergency situation.


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Write us!

Whether you are reporting a disaster, wishing to affiliate your animal rescue service or have any other enquiry.

Write us a message. We will answer as soon as possible!

Emergency: +49 160 5187715

Association contact

+49 228 604 96 76

Bundesverband Gemeinschaft Deutscher Tierrettungsdienste e.V.

Firststraße 6, 94569 Stephansposching



Deutscher Tierschutzbund e.V.

In der Raste 10,
53129 Bonn